Children around the world live in dire conditions without even the basic necessities of water, food, shelter, and love.  They often suffer in silence, struggling just to exist among the unexplainable and irreversible conditions in which they find themselves.  Many are so young that they do not know what they lack - the love of a family and the comfort of a home.  Survival is their only concern as they grow up in a world of adults who seem to have forgotten them or are so busy with their own survival that they really do not have time to care.

These first-person narratives are compiled from conversations with dozens of boys and girls in Kenya, Africa. They put a voice to the suffering that they and thousands more like them endure every day.  In towns, villages and desert huts, children tell about living through abandonment, abuse, slavery, and loss of parents and family members due to AIDS, ethnic clashes, and illness caused by starvation or malaria. Each child is a witness to his or her own story of survival.

Through their voices can be heard the desperate plea for someone to possibly care, if not for themselves, then for those even less fortunate whose voices have not been heard.